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D.I.N. - Nutritional Development and Innovation, SA

Our experience, your efficiency

DIN, SA is an acronym for Development and Innovation in Nutrition, a concept that reflects the purpose our team has been pursuing for over 30 years. We develop, manufacture and distribute animal feeds that seek to optimise zootechnical performance and comply with the most demanding quality standards. All our products are controlled and tested in qualified laboratories. We build close relationships with our customers and seek to provide the best technical support.

Our head office, manufacturing plants and Research & Development Laboratory are located in Santa Comba Dão, in the Viseu district. With a strong presence in the Portuguese and international markets, DIN, SA is part of French group CCPA - Conseils et Compétences en Productions Animales since 2016. Specialising in animal health and nutrition, the CCPA Group runs manufacturing plants, laboratories and research centres all over the world. The synergies created have consolidated the strong market position already enjoyed by DIN, SA, having turned the company into a market leader in Portugal.

What do we do?

We stand out for the wide diversity of products and services we offer. Our focus on research and innovation, our multidisciplinary teams and our modern equipment allow us to develop new solutions, aimed at improving animal health and welfare. We engage in the following activities:

  • Development of our own range of premixes, starter feeds and specialty products for several animal species;
  • Marketing of raw materials for animal nutrition;
  • Feed formulation services and advice concerning livestock farming infrastructures and management;
  • Specialised technical and veterinary services;
  • Laboratory services.

Our values


We focus on innovation to offer unique feeds, advanced technical solutions and customised services, in order to meet the needs of our clients and optimise animal nutrition.


We seek to offer competitive, innovative, integrated solutions and services, such as to ensure client satisfaction and foster success.


We work as a team and ensure the utmost respect for all individuals, animals and the environment, together with our business partners.


We develop effective, profitable technical solutions for our clients and invest in promising business areas.


We employ a team of highly qualified professionals, strongly focused on achieving the best results through their dedication and continuous training.   


We adapt our operations and create working methods aligned with sustainability principles. 


Based on continuous improvement, efficacy and achievement, our philosophy allows us to meet the most stringent quality standards and offer our clients the very best products and services.

The quality management system implemented at DIN, SA has been certified since 2000.
The current scope of our quality management system certification includes the development and manufacturing of premixes, starter feeds and specialty products; provision of technical, laboratory and specialised veterinary services; and marketing of raw materials for the production of animal feeds, in compliance with the NP EN ISO 9001 standard –
Quality Management Systems – Requirements.

The company’s food safety management system, whose certification is currently in course, has been implemented within the scope of the NP EN ISO 22000 standard – Food Safety Management Systems.

These certifications, based on the aforementioned standards, consolidate the position of DIN, SA as a reliable animal feed sector operator, helping us build trust with our business partners.

Our quality department continually reviews the company’s quality and food safety management system, such as to ensure that the engagement of the DIN, SA team translates into the continuous improvement of product and service quality and safety.


To consolidate and expand DIN, SA as a reference in the animal feed sector, by implementing strategies that foster sector modernisation and professionalism, underpinned by the continuous training of our team and provision of support to our clients.


To develop the best nutritional and technical solutions and services, based on innovation, research and experience, in order to meet the specific needs of our clients and add value to their business.


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